About Me

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by! And don't be shy, I love feedback! :o)

This is my personal blog. A little about me: Sara, Christian, I love words & music, I'm a walking encyclopedia of nearly useless things, fan of Straight No Chaser a cappella (aka: a Chaser), small town girl, chocoholic, cat person - the rest is in the blog. ;o)

My other projects:  

SNC Quarter Notes - An unofficial fan ezine written by and for fans of the 10-man a cappella group, Straight No Chaser. http://www.sncquarternotes.com  

The Chaser Archives - An unofficial online print library and fan site for Atlantic Records' Straight No Chaser. Preserve ~ Inform ~ Entertain http://www.chaserarchives.com  

1. "Where do you hail from?" 

Nevada, USA

2. "When writing, do you prefer to compose your first-draft by hand, on your computer, or using Morse Code?" 

ha ha Morse Code... Honestly, my first draft is composed in my head. This looks a lot like procrastination, but it has taken me years to realize that it's a perfectly valid way to begin a project. I absolutely can't work on something that I can't "see."  I do like to write by hand (I adore notebooks and really good pens as much as the next writer) but it's not always in actual sentences. Often it's a lot of jumbled notes that will only make sense to me. By the time I start typing (and I'm an excellent touch typist), I've already got a pretty good idea of what it will look like when I'm done and I shape it and edit as I go to get it there. I break all of the rules. lol

3. "Where do you go to 'Get away from it all'?" 

Into a story, whether it be through reading, watching a favorite TV show, a movie, or daydreaming.

4. "Would you rather have your own personal sailing ship or spaceship? What would you name your ship?" 

Spaceship, no question. I would love to have my own TARDIS! 

5. "Name a book that didn't meet your expectations." 

A Confederacy of Dunces. Didn't get it, didn't like it, and I was expecting to love it.

6. "What makes life worth living?" 

God and love.

7. "Do you know how to 'Gangnam Style?'" 

No, but I think it's fun to watch!

8. "What items could you typically have in your pockets?" 

Loose change, my keys and a list of some kind.

9. "Cake or pie?" 

Cake. Preferably dark chocolate with gooey frosting.

10. "Coke or Pepsi?" 

COKE. Cherry Coke is my favorite. And no, Pepsi is not okay instead.