Thursday, December 20, 2007

me - now with Cheer filling!

*headdesk*  Please tell me that I didn't actually post that comment!

*checks again*  Oh dear.  I did.

One of the blogs I enjoy reading is that of YA author, Maureen Johnson (link on the left).  She likes to illustrate her posts with photos that quite often feature classic movie stars such as Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant.  A couple of entries ago I commented and requested a photo of my favorite, Danny Kaye, which I'm amazed to say she posted:

Danny Kaye exhibits Christmas Cheer

And I commented again to say thank you and...*sigh* Here, read it for yourself:
LOL! MJ, thank you for the totally legitimate and awesomely cheer-filled photo of Danny Kaye! I love it and I feel the Cheer filling me as I type this! Which means I have become "Me - now with Cheer filling!"
*repeat headdesk*


In other exciting news in which I haven't made a fool of myself online (or have I???):
"Josh Groban's Noël claimed an unprecedented fourth straight week at number one, a feat never before accomplished by a holiday album. Elvis Presley set the previous record, three weeks, half a century ago with 1957's Elvis' Christmas Album."
Yay!!!  Noël is indeed a gorgeous album and one that I personally have been waiting for since the Beginning of Time Itself, or approximately 5 1/2 years.  Some of my personal favorite moments are during "Little Drummer Boy," "Angels We Have Heard On High," and "The Christmas Song."  I actually ended up with two copies because I bought one myself and received one as a gift.  Maybe I'll go and buy another one and help him get a 5 week record.

Josh and Rachel try to outdo Danny in the Cheer department.

Josh was on the Rachael Ray show today and she asked him if he plays his own CD.  He said, "I'll come in the front door and my mom will have it blasting.  And then I'll just kind of sneak in and change it to heavy metal Christmas or something like that!"             
lol! Oh Josh...